Join me in making Scandinavian charcuterie, smoking meats, mead making, other nibbles, and whisky tasting. 


Our Mission

We're providing a well researched cultural spring board for folks in the Houston area.  You could  discover and craft a variety of Nordic and Scottish dishes.

Skál i botn agus slàinte mhath!

Chef Brent Skarðaborg

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.
— Samuel Langhorne Clemens

A piece of me...

Both my parents’ ancestry is Scandinavian, but our families moved to America centuries ago. My dad’s Skarðaborg family were Íslendingar from Norway. They emigrated to Eastern Yorkshire from Iceland by way of Orkney and became the Skarburghs, Scarths, and Scarboroughs. They were senior native Norse family landholders for the Clan Sinclair in Orkney. My mom’s family were Orkneyjar, and emigrated to England from the direct line of the Norwegian Jarls of Orkney.  Both sides were Norse Scots and my grandfathers' names are written in the great Sagas and after. Both sides were related to Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and Scottish kings, jarls, and warrior-poets. 


Who travels widely should keep his wits about him,
The stupid should stay at home;
The ignorant man is often laughed at
When he sits at meat with the sage.
— Hávamál
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After finding the documents recording my family ancestry and genealogy, I also found a cultural responsibility to re-instill pieces of this culture into my own family.  

But before all of this in 2004 I graduated from the best Japanese culinary school in The U.S. as Class Captain, and in 2010 traveled to Japan with my master to work in his family's restaurant. Using my experiences in travel, living, and culinary education abroad I was able to bring a number of these things home. 

My formal Japanese culinary education gave me the background and skills to continue my pursuit of both Washoku and Nordic cuisines. I like the excitement of trial and error bearing good fruit, so to speak. I love making new converts to new discoveries in food… especially when those techniques or dishes may be centuries old.

Thank you for introducing me to my own culture.
— Ken M., Advanced curriculum graduate 2012-2013

Skills I have, and can share with you

  • Scandinavian style fish and meat curing

  • Basic charcuterie and head cheeses

  • Basic Scandinavian style meat and fish smoking

  • Pate making

  • Skyr making

  • Mead making

  • Whisky appreciation

  • Schnapps infusions

  • Seafood pickling

  • Vegetable canning

  • Japanese “shari” prep and traditional “sushizu” mixology

  • Japanese style fish and shellfish prep and presentation

  • Proper “neta case” and sushi bar setup

  • Simmered, Steamed, Grilled & Deep Fried Japanese dishes

  • Formal “Kaiseki” dish techniques

  • Traditional and fusion rolled sushi

  • Traditional Osaka box, and pressed sushi

  • Nigiri and Temari-zushi Kansai and Edomae Styles

  • Traditional and fusion appetizers

  • Traditional “chinmi” and sauce making

  • Skilled “togishi” and minor knife edge repair

  • Health Department issues, concerns, and proper food handling practices