My Culinary Curriculum Vitae

Chef Brent Scharbor

“Texas Nordic” & “Washoku”

Pearland, TX



Instructing small classes and focus groups on preparation of Nordic, Scottish and traditional Japanese cuisines. Also providing small scale catering and entertaining intimate prixe fixe private chef's table supper club events at my own in-home custom dining bar. Class instruction is designed to make home cooks and budding chefs confident with their knives and specialty ingredients.

** Masunomi Matsuya **

Nishiwaki-Shi, Hyogo, Japan

Stagiaire FOH/BOH


Stagiaire in a traditional "Kappou" style restaurant in Japan.  Worked alongside a team of respected chefs preparing exquisite traditional cuisine in one of the few remaining restaurants with an open kamado oven in front of house. Responsible for garnish, fish and bento prep, and serving amazing sushi and otsukuri dishes to customers at the sushi bar.  I learned a lot in a very short time, and am in the Matsuda Family's debt for allowing me to work alongside them.

** Kubo's Sushi and Grill**

Houston, Texas

Assistant Sushi Chef/ Japanese Culinary Specialist


Stood with Executive, Sous, and other skilled chefs in the front of house preparing traditional Japanese Cuisine in one of the top 8 Japanese restaurants in the US. After my first night working the sushi bar, I was asked by the Owner and Executive Chef if I would teach their Sushi 101 class.  I was honored and it was a happy success with all students asking for a follow-up Sushi 102. The skill of Kubo's traditionally trained chefs is unmatched against most others in America today. Trained directly under Executive Chef Manabu Horiuchi and Sous Chef Yu Suzuki. 


**Ra Sushi**

Ahwahtukee, Arizona

Sushi Chef

Featuring imaginative sushi, fusion cuisine and specialty cocktails, this upscale chain offers a playful and award-winning dining experience, complete with music and a stimulating atmosphere. Worked at front of house at sushi bar training directly under Corporate Executive Chef Tai Obata, Executive Sous Chef Masa Shimono, and Head Chef Justin Way. Responsible for garnish and fish prep, preparing sushi for bar customers and tables.

** Plan B **

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Sushi Chef

Plan B was a very cool punk bar in Fort Smith Arkansas owned by Chef Jason "Juan" Tufts. Great food, music, and jukebox. I was their sushi chef for almost a year and a half before leaving for culinary school. Performed all purchasing, menu development, pricing, preparation and service. Plan B had the only exotic after hours dining in the city, so it was a great honor to have all the best bartenders and restaurant owners in the city eating my food every week.

**Sushi Chef Institute **

Los Angeles, California

Professional Course II Graduate

Sushi Chef Institute is a professional sushi school and the only school which has been granted institutional approval by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education  , and is approved for acceptance of international students in the United States (by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement  ). I trained directly under Master Chef CEO Andy F. Matsuda, who was named "Newsweek" Japan Edition 2007 as one of the 100 Most Respected People in Japan. Was appointed as Class Captain during my first week of class and graduated with perfect examination scores.