Highland Park at Full Volume!

My dad and his brother are both guitar players.  So am I.  It runs in the family.

While my first taste of whisky as a lad was with my grandfather and his moonshine, I do remember the occasions of my uncle coming to visit and he and my dad enjoying a dram.  My being a 9 year old kid helped etch the taste of their whisky into permanent memory.


Full Volume Highland Park.JPG


When I saw Highland Park making their “Full Volume” whisky with the unmistakable “Fender” styled logo, I knew this was something that would go over well with my palate.  The three of us play Fenders using their amplifiers.  Fender tube amps smell like no other.  Now, I’m normally a European Sherry oak cask kinda guy, but this is a fine dram.  It pours a light straw color, and has the nosing you would expect form Highland Park.  Heather peat, and the American Bourbon oak cask comes through here. It has a nice finish, and the sweet smoky smell in your empty glass begs your next dram.

Now if I can just get my dad and uncle to take up piobareachd with me….  Alas…

Until then we can all find comfort in Full Volume.  Are you ready to rock?