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Join my exploration of old world craft...


Nordic and Scottish cultures have seen a popular resurgence lately....

In a high tech world, a number of us find great joy in low tech interests free of batteries, 110/220VAC, and wi-fi connections. I work in the offshore satellite communications industry, so I shun technology at home.  In my free time I throw axes, grow food, cook, plant trees, smoke fish, travel, make mead and craft liqueurs, play bagpipes and guitar, enjoy archery and marksmanship, work on restoring a ’54 Chevy Bel Air… 

Of all the oddity of my international travels, living in Germany, military service and vocations, I graduated from a Japanese culinary school, and ultimately got to travel and train as a chef in Japan. I’ve spent years training home cooks and professional chefs in an earlier culinary venture. Now I’d like to share those kinds of insights from my professional chef training with culinary discoveries from my Scandinavian and Scottish ancestry with you from here in Texas.

Certainly these disciplines must sound like an odd juxtaposition... To me, the thing that drives these culture's cuisines is respect for -and serving from-the land and sea.  Simple ingredients with simple foraging, fishing and farming. Responsible and sustainable hunting and fishing practices...clean healthy food.

I’m no expert by any means in the hottest new trend of “New Nordic”, but all of these techniques between the two do strike common simple chords.

From graflax, smoked meat, canning, skyr, mead making, akevitt infusions, and real Scotch Whisky appreciation. All right here in the Houston area. Are you hungry?




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